It appears that christmas time is a time for being remonstrated by family for not writing in your blog for a long time. So, to appease everyone and get a post in for the end of the year I’ve decided that the final post will be an ode to the new deck that isn’t quite finished yet. This post is rated B for bad poetry. Parental guidance is recommended.

Oh, Deck.

Where once there was nothing,


there came something.


When I rubbed you with oil,


there came fireworks.


Ok, I took a bit of poetic license there because the fireworks were actually before the oil. In the week leading up to christmas there were fireworks at southbank and I got views of it never before seen from the back of my house. But, there will fireworks again tonight for new years, so I’m actually not lying. It’s not quite finished yet because we’ve only oiled one half of the deck and still have the doors, lights and painting left to finish it. But already we are out there having breakfast and dinner. It held up to the christmas lunch exceptionally well too because you could barely notice the heat thanks to the breeze that comes up from the river.

Anyone looking to get a deck built in Brisbane should try Peter Bailey at Mr Carports. A stress free build and a completion date that was on time. I am incredibly pleased with the results as you can tell.



2 thoughts on “Ode to my deck

  1. Kel says:

    Look at the results – just stunning. And yes, the deck managed to keep us cool with the nice breeze.

    Just got back from camping and must say my arms are extremely tanned – too bad about the rest of my body. Least if I’m naked I can say I’m still wearing a singlet :/

  2. Lucy-Loo says:

    Your poem may be good but your deck is better, and atleast you write in your blog more frequently then some family members that will remain nameless…KELLY!!!!


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