It breaks my heart to say it, but I’m giving up firefox on the powerbook. The laptop has been running so hot that it burns my lap even when I’m just browsing web sites which kind of sucks in 32 degree heat. A little investigation (i.e. opening activity monitor) revealed that firefox is generally using 50% of the processing power even when minimised. That is just crazy! I thought that maybe it was due to Macromedia flash on certain sites but that wasn’t the cause. For a while I was hopeful that I could just use the Flock web browser instead but it revealed itself to have similar issues. Camino wasn’t much better even though it had excellent speed so now I’m having to live with Apple’s Safari browser. Safari isn’t bad, it’s just that it doesn’t have the cool extensions like firefox and flock. I’m really missing the session saver extension which allows me to reboot the powerbook and resume all the web surfing I was doing before I rebooted. I also get over an hour more of battery because nothing is chewing it up. Please Firefox developers, fix it so I can go back to you!



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