It’s a new year and I’ve already got lots to look forward to. My oldest friend is getting married in february, Apple are releasing some new products in only a few days, and Australia is going to win the world cup. Ok I know that is a bit of a stretch but I have put in for tickets to the game in Germany. No guarantee I will get them but I will know by the 30th January whether I have to book a world trip. By then all the accommodation will be booked out or a trillion dollars and we’ll have to stay in Switzerland or somewhere. No matter, it’s all good.

Shortly I will be suffering from Veronica Mars withdrawls as I have nearly seen all the episodes made. It seems to have gotten a bum rap due to advertising but I think it is great! Not as good as Buffy but pretty darn close. If you think it is the OC then don’t because it’s got actual dialogue rather than smouldering looks. It still has the eye candy though if that is your thing.

Another show I miss dreadfully after my christmas fill is “The Long Way Home“. It’s a documentary about Ewan McGregor and his best mate Charlie Boorman travelling from London to New York via Russia on two BMW bikes. The photos make them look all earnest but it is actually quite humourous and has some life and death situations. Get the dvd out if you see it in stores.



4 thoughts on “New year, old withdrawls

  1. Lucy-loo says:

    Mmmmm, mother watches that show constantly as well, although i think its more to see a bit of Ewan than the whole facing the odds thing. Oh well, somtimes we all need a little Evan in our lives:D.

  2. scuppers says:

    ok, fools a bit harsh. so I’ll take it back. but I’ll replace with may i correct you.


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