Clowns are scary

I saw this display in Wallace Bishop in the city and just had to blog it. There seems like a big conspiracy to ruin the reputation of clowns. John Wayne Gacy the serial killer used to dress up as a clown for kids in hospitals during the day, while at night he was murdering young boys and burying them under his house. He also liked to paint Clown images in jail and I think Johnny Depp owns one of his paintings.

Stephen King also played on our psyches with the book It and we can’t forget the drunk clown in the brilliant Steve Martin film Parenthood. There is also the most famous clown – Ronald. He spreads mayhem and fattening sugary food with a grin. Chilling.

All these things have contributed to giving clowns an ominous and spooky aura. These glass clowns in the window don’t help either. It’s little wonder that no-one wants them for kids parties anymore. Are you scared of clowns or do you think they are cool?



10 thoughts on “Clowns are scary

  1. dbee says:

    yes yes!! I’ve always hated clowns too! Creepy in your face middle aged men, wearing make up and scaring children! Yikes πŸ™

  2. mib says:

    I my youth, yeah yeah back in the dark ages, found clowns amusing at the circus. There type of humour never translated to any other form of medium.

    As for Steve Martin, I’ve always found him tedious. Some parts of his movies are good, but they usually don’t involve him. I guess that is thing about humour, it’s personal.

  3. Amyo says:

    I put the Steve Martin movie comment mainly in to annoy you because you are quite vocal about your disklike for his humour.

    I am a fan of LA Story (very girly movie), Parenthood and The Jerk. Not as big a fan of his Goldie Hawn housesitting movie but I do intend to watch that movie that has 12 in the name. Reckon there will be a clown in that too!

  4. mib says:

    So it wasn’t just to show your bad taste in humour. 😎

  5. Damn-them-clowns says:

    I have always been pretty bloody scared of the circus and those horrible clowns. I am lost as to what is so funny about them. They are poor excuses for stand-up-comedians – worse because they don’t have the guts to show who they really are. Hiding behind their stupid makeup and dicky shoes…

    Damn them clowns I say! Damn them to hell! πŸ˜›

  6. Amyo says:

    Then, they come up behind you with their big horn and….. blow.

  7. amyo says:

    That reminds me – I still haven’t seen Uncle Buck yet – apparently one of John Candy’s greatest. Isn’t there some famous star in it as one of the kids? Obviously they handled the transisition from child star to adult actor.

    Actually, I just checked and it’s Macaulay Culkin. Forget I said that they handled it. Getting married at 8 is just wrong. πŸ˜‰


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