I’ve been toying with the idea of going to Canada lately, which is likely to happen just after I win the lotto. So I’ve been feeding my interest by buying up cheap Canada Lonely Planet type books off ebay and stealing brochures from travel shops. It seemed fortuitous then when the Today show went to Canada this week. I’ve watched all the episodes except for the first one in Quebec and thankfully was able to fast forward through all the shitty “hi mum, go lions, i’m an expat” segments and get to the good stuff like the thousand islands and Jasper.

It wasn’t until yesterday though that my mind was blown. I saw Steve Leibman eat the best sandwich I’ve ever seen. A smoked meat on rye with pickles. He was obviously in love with the eight I saw him eat in the one episode and I too had fallen for it’s spell. I’ve never seen meat piled so high and look so good and sliced with such skill and smell so great… oh wait I was just imagining the smell when I was hallucinating.

Michael, can you bring one back for me??? Drool.



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