Super lover lover Montgomery FlynnAfter a string of failed boy band auditions, Montgomery Flynn left Los Angeles with his dignity shattered. The only thing he had going for him was his good looks and $20 000 simoleans he had gained as hush money from an over zealous casting agent. Getting lost on his way to Las Vegas to spend his cash, he came across Strangetown, liked the look of a house and the spaceship crashed in the crater and decided to move in.

Beware, there are many images on the page, so it may take a long time to load. There are also graphic photos of woohoos and positions that cannot be achieved by anyone other than a boy band reject. Sorry if this offends.

Since he didn’t have the charisma, singing voice or body to make it in the cut throat world of pop music he decided he would fulfill his other ambition of putting his trousersnake to good use and become super lover lover Montgomery Flynn. He goes to bed dreaming of the women he had met and how good he looks in his leopard skin undies.

Temporary single bed 

Monty looks hot in his leopard skin undies

To woo the ladies and men of Strangetown, he decided to take up the slacker career of Golf Caddy. First day on the job and he brings home old bag recluse Olive, who lives in a big mansion on the hill and has a young niece. It doesn’t take long for Monty to use his wily charms to get this dried up prune in to his bed where they make fireworks

Old prune

Happy that his had his first ever woohoo, he decides to try his new found charisma skills on young and sexy Crystal. She actually pursues him with some vigour and once Monty is promoted from Gas Station Attendent to Record Store clerk he knows he is in.

Making out with Crystal

Alternating between these two women becomes a bore for super lover lover Montgomery and he decides to experiment a little. He knows Quinten is interested in him as a friend so he decides to see if he can push the relationship a little further. He flirts hard by serenading, charming, kissing and relaxing in the bed cuddling. Quinten seems very interested because he meows everytime he is near Monty but when Monty tries to woohoo Quinten at Monty’s birthday party, he is rejected. This hurts Monty hard, especially as this is Montgomery’s birthday and he is already having a  midlife crisis from going grey. Luckily a few days later Quinten seems very attracted to this new old man look and decides to do the woohoo with Monty. I just wonder if it was the old man pjs that Monty had aquired on his birthday?

Montgomery and Quinten make out

New love colours for Monty

Hard core man on man woohoo isn’t enough for Monty anymore – especially since he has become more creative since purchasing the painting eisel. He now wants to do it in the hot tub upstairs and even in public!

Hot tub with Quinten

Public Woohoo

He has been enjoying all these woohoos and reliving them every once in a while but even while getting older he still wants more. He has his eye on his new friend Lazlo and his aim at the moment is to have 5 lovers at the same time. Will he achieve his super lover lover life achievement status he so desperately requires before he gets old? And will he get anyone pregnant so that a new boy band series can begin?

More soon, but for now remember the words from the incredible boy band of the 90s Colour Me Badd:

I wanna sex you up!



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