Montgomery Flynn has died.

It seems that every woohoo he had was amplifying a heart condition he’d had since birth. He managed to have 4 partners and was getting very close to having a 5th (with the green guy) when the grim reaper stepped in.

Monty had invited Crystal over for a quick woohoo and she asked if she could invite a friend. Sure! said Monty and the next thing he knew, Crystal had turned up with old bag Olive! These were his first lovers and neither of them had realised that he had been woohooing them for years at the same time!

Super lover lover's betrayal is revealed

As you can imagine, they were not pleased when they discovered this betrayal and started to yell at and abuse Montgomery. His heart rate started going up while he was quickly losing love points and it was at this point that the grim reaper appeared. Monty fought desperately to turn the sands of time back, but the reaper cannot be stopped.

The reaper comes for Monty

Monty was gone. Strangetown had lost it’s super lover lover big stud incredible hunk ex boy band hottie and would never be the same.



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