Pauline and I met Cat, Faye, Danielle and Maggie at the Punjabi Palace in West End Brisbane for dinner last night. Cat reckons it’s the best curry in Brisbane and although it wasn’t as good as Little India in Christchurch NZ I’d have to agree with her in terms of Brisbane. The samosas were packed with mince and weren’t greasy like others I’ve had.The butter chicken was enough for Pauline and I to share without being bloated.

Jodie Henry's signatureThe highlight though was when Cat and Faye presented Danielle and I with a signed autograph from Jodie Henry. Danielle and I have arranged a time share agreement similar to how divorced parents share their children. But I’ll probably be happy with the photo of the autograph. 😉

Cat and Faye ran off to go watch the Bulldogs win the Grand Final, while Maggie, Danielle, Pauline and I headed off to Freestyle in Rosalie for dessert. This is a cafe that serves only lunch and desserts so obviously they care about their sweets. Whatever you order gets a huge chunk of chocolate and the appropriate sauce. Our orders went like this:

Sticky Date Pudding

Pauline – Sticky Date Pudding

Espresso Cake

Maggie – Espresso Cake

Choc Deluxe

Danielle – Choc Deluxe

I couldn’t eat all the chocolate or the sauce as it was so rich and my stomach started to react to the curry, chocolate and ice cream but I didn’t care because it was very yummy. They also display art at the cafe and you can purchase it if you fancy. We ate our desserts with Gwen watching us. She is called “Gwen swallows” (she had sperm on her shirt according to Danielle).

Sticky Date Pudding

With bloated and noisy stomachs we got back in to our cars and headed over to the Story Bridge to check out it’s new colours. The bridge’s lights had been changed to pink to bring breast cancer to peoples attention (as if breasts need any publicity). The colour will last for 17 days and joins other structures such as The Empire State Building, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Tokyo Tower and the Sydney Opera House. I was a little dissapointed to see that they hadn’t put pink uplights in to highlight the beam but it was still good. Just a shame the camera doesn’t take good night shots.

Sticky Date Pudding



4 thoughts on “Curry in a hurry and a pink dessert

  1. dbee says:

    ah yes..good times. A very enjoyable evening especially all the food bits, including the longest, sharpest bit of chocolate in Brisvegas dessert history! mmmm..chocolate in my eye
    p.s.Thanks again Fat and Kay for the JH autograph 🙂

  2. am says:

    You’ve never forged your Mum’s signature before? I say give your friend a forged version – but wait, she may already have done that?????!!

    This is kind of leading back to the forensics thread isn’t it..

    BTW: I wonder if Chocolate is an anti-gas agent???

  3. Amyo says:

    chocolate is more like a gas propellent!

    I can’t recall ever forging my mum’s signature, my writing is way too crap for anyone to be tricked.

    But…when I was in grade eleven four of my friends and I stayed in Lennons Hotel in Queen St Brisbane. Two of us went out for a walk and when we came back we told them we had seen Suze DeMarchi from The Baby Animals (an aussie band in the early 90s) in Timezone. We forged her signature then.

    If you gonna forge, forge the big stars I reckon. 😀

  4. Kel says:

    I guess you needed lessons from your younger sibling on how to forge Mum’s signature then – I was pretty darn good at it, but I spose it didn’t count because when I did do it, it was senior year and Mum was in England anyway.

    Delete this post if she reads it 🙂 Then she’s got no proof.


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