Inspired by her sister’s purchase of the betalife dvds, Pauline is now on a bit of a health kick. For the last four nights we have cooked meals together that have not had any carbohydrates in and lots of fruit and vegetables. My favourite has been the Asian pork wraps which was asian flavoured pork wrapped in lettuce leaves. We’ve also made flour free chocolate brownies, pork chops with apple salsa and chicken papaya broccoli.

I’ve welcomed this change in diet as I’ve been getting sick of pataks frozen curries but it seems Pauline isn’t faring as well. On tuesday night she woke up dizzy and had a splitting headache. According to the dvds this is to be expected so as an antidote to this illness Pauline subscribed an egg and bacon muffin for herself. She maintains that this isn’t cheating as they do say you can have some carbohydrates every day but I’m making the most of paying her out for it. This blog entry is a good example of how I’m working to achieve that objective. 😀

Last Saturday Pauline watched the first week of the betalife dvds which sent me to sleep. Just before I nodded off however I noticed how incredibly cult-like the dvd was. It had this perpetually smiling blonde surfer dude in a suit talking in front of relaxing images such as the beach. Somewhere in there were subliminal messages saying “sell your house, buy stocks in betalife, buy guns’. Obviously I am immune to such suggestions and use sleep as my arsenal against cult like activities. Personally I’m a bit wary of a company that can’t even spell better.

In other news, anyone want to buy my house? 😀



10 thoughts on “Health kick

  1. gerry says:

    hmmmmmm dont know about the house but ill take the stuff inside it

  2. gerry says:

    hmmmmmm dont know about the house but ill take the stuff inside it

  3. mib says:

    Fruit and vegetables are full of carbohydrates, both simple and complex. That’s primarily what they are. Looks like betalife are just another mob of crack pots. But a good diet always is a benefit. I just hate when the mobs talk like they know what they are talking about.

  4. suxhere says:

    If you hadn’t fallen asleep you would know that fruit and vege contain carbohydrates and that we are trying to avoid highly processed carbohydrates.

  5. mib says:

    If you’d open your eyes you would see that there is no mention of highly processed carbohydrates. And it is still a crock of sh!t.

  6. Amyo says:

    I have no problems with the diet and no real problems with the bacon and egg muffin – I just wanted to pay her out. I really should be more supportive shouldn’t I. 🙂

  7. Kel says:

    Yeah you should, but it’s still funny.

    At least when Mat and I visit your house, you can offer us food that isn’t Jenny Craig food, unlike a certain predecessor of mine.

  8. Amyo says:

    Since Pauline didn’t purchase the dvds we didn’t really become cult members. We did cook the food from the recipe books a couple of times but our interest wained. I think it helps to go to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craigs because then you have a support mechanism there for you.

    I can’t say I was a fan of betalife, but their recipes were pretty good!

    Do you like the google ads for this post? Cinnamon pork puffs, beef jerky and pork chops. 🙂


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