It’s been a really long time since I’ve been throw up drunk but I managed it
last Friday with only 4 Vodka Black Ices, some cheezels, chips and cheese. All
was going well, I was making conversation, successfully navigating my mobile
phone and enjoying myself. Then suddenly it hit! My voice was getting louder,
I was emulating synthesizers, posing with dogs and telling EVERYONE how funny
I was. Of course I had that "king of the world" feeling you get when
you are drunk and was having great fun.

The band in all it’s glory

How a band looks when you are drunk

Cat’s band played some really good 80s music but it was kind of a Beatles “you at the front rattle your jewelery
kind of scenario as a lot of people sat down on the deck instead of getting
up and dancing. Luckily Doona and I made up for it by singing loudly and clapping.
If anyone can remember the songs please post it in the comments because I know
I knew all the songs, I just can’t remember them now.

We had a good conversation with the guitarist/singer of the band (the blonde
one), asking her pertinant questions about favourite 80s performers (Cyndi Lauper),
her rider
and other stuff that has now slided in to the abyss of my mind (once again,
feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments).

We then moved on to a new party game we invented called "Three from the
box" (said in a hardcore metal type voice). This involved dipping your
hand in to a box of cheezels and pulling it out with three cheezels on three
fingers. Here are some of the lovely participants.


Danielle turned up after work just missing the first song and had that akward
and annoying feeling of being sober while everyone else was drunk.

Danielle sober
Amy you are drunk
Danielle sober
Who else can I talk to? 😉

Like any good party photo album, I have a bunch of pictures of people that
I don’t know. See if you can guess who they are!

Another party game was called "Show us your crack". This was earlier
in the night before anyone had really gotten drunk, so they did this when virtually
sober. To protect them I will not name them, but hints are the strokes and bedwear.
Please note, my bum is not pictured.

Luckily, to preserve some sembelance of normality, I actually did get a few
nice frontal pictures!


Dan Stag


Mell and Julian



Amy, Cat, Faye & Danielle

Clearest photo I have of Doona

An unavoidable part of drinking is the queue at the bathroom. I patiently
waited by myself in the hallway and amused myself by taking some "ever
so artistic" photos. Fay and Doona and the dog (name escapes me-surprise!)
appeared to liven up the wait. After some time, the toilet hogger was revealed!
(see below)

Toilet Door

Artistic floor boards

Artistic light fitting

Amy finds a friend

Doona and Faye

Who I was waiting for in the loo – no-one!

Danielle kindly drove me home and it was only when I sat down on the couch
and joined Pauline in watching stargate that the room started spinning. I thought
I was going through the stargate and at first I just thought I felt sick cause
the show is crap, but then realised it may be alcohol related. Me and the toilet
got friendly, then I spent Saturday recovering with the requisite headache.

All in all, I had an excellent time, and I’m sure I won’t be invited to anymore



6 thoughts on “I’m getting old

  1. Kelly O'Brien says:

    May i just say that you have officially made me proud – never did I think that you were much of a party animal, nor did I think you had such artistic flair. Your drunken photographs really impressed me, as I can’t even coordinate my phone camera when I’m drunk. I usually drop it on the floor and then when I fall over trying to pick it up I pretend that I meant to do that. I’ve certainly got an inspirational big sister!!

  2. Faye says:

    Petal…..I am impressed that you have rectified the mispelt edition and made me a ‘Faye’, not a ‘Fay’. I am also impressed by your house…simply tear out those trees at the back and your’re laughing. Now I am sure that you will be the first invited to many more parties, I for one must have the ‘3 from the boooooooox’ and ‘show us ya crack’ as a pre-requisite for any party. The fact that you threw up after 4 drinks simply establishes you as an alcoholic novice.(ask Bood for further info…she and I have it down pat) PS…the dog’s name is ‘Sally Stink-Bomb’..she has managed to overcome the rejection by you thanks to intensive therapy.


  3. Bood says:

    Mate beautiful Bums!! And the chick in the photo next just before dan stagg’s is a spunk rat


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