The guys at oztivo have been putting in some serious programming hours to create the Australian Tivo Service Emulator. What this means is that you don’t need to be a linux geek anymore to get it up and running. You can now set it up like they do in America by running a guided setup through the menu system on the Tivo. It will handle the setting up of the foxtel box if you have one and will make the weekly calls to get the guide data. Potentially now any average joe can buy a Tivo from Eklectic Systems with the image already preloaded on the hard drive. Alternatively you can buy a Tivo without a hard drive from Poweron off Ebay, buy a hard drive and load the image yourself. Ed has written more about it on the Oztivo mailing list.

I guess this means that my “I only learnt linux to hack my tivo” t-shirt is now redundant. 🙂



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