Since my once a week – sometimes twice a week visits to the gym weren’t exactly assisting me in losing weight I’ve had to resort to means I once deemed ludicrous. I’m on a low carb diet called the Tony Ferguson diet. Essentially it’s the Atkins diet but with some carbs still involved. I’ve only seriously been on it for a few days but I’m already experiencing the headaches, hunger pains and flatulence they said I was going to get.

I get to eat all the jelly and drink all the diet cordial I want but I don’t get to have bread and pasta and cheese while trying to lose the weight which is a HUGE loss to me.

Jeez, I’m boring myself now so to end, I’m just going to link to this cool Coca Cola ad in the vain of Grand Theft Auto:

P.S. I’m not allowed Coke or Coke Zero but I am allowed Sprite Zero. Cool.



6 thoughts on “Tony Ferguson diet

  1. Kel says:

    Why don’t you keep yourself motivated and do a public bellychart on your weight loss like I was? Makes you scared to put on weight because people will know you’re being slack haha

    How long are the headaches meant to continue for?

  2. amyo says:

    Where is this bellychart you speak of?

    The headaches aren’t meant to last long and in fact I haven’t had one now since I wrote of it.

    The farting however seems to start at 5pm and continue till the morning. I think it’s the sugar free lollies. 🙁

  3. Madonna says:

    When I started on the Tony diet I kept dreaming of eating cream buns. I’ve been on it for a few weeks now. I’ve could have lost 2kgs maybe – I don’t get myself weighed anymore when I go and buy the packets because the scales never tell me that I have lost as much as my mind is telling me – and I’d much prefer to listen to my head! Clothes that were getting tight aren’t so tight anymore – that’s good enough for me! I’ll be down next Friday 16/2 – maybe we could go out to dinner or brekky on Saturday morning – Is there a Tony Ferguson restaurant in Brisbane? One more bit of news – my beautiful boy has been promoted to Corporal in Air Force Cadets (not that I noticed the extra strip – he had to tell me – DULP), and he was voted Reef Captain at School (similar to sports captain) – all this on the same day! He is now trying out for an Aerospace Bursery of $1000 – it helps with his studies? Only about 119 sleeps until I take off OS again – can’t wait. Gerry is also off OS this year – he is going to NZ with the School in June. Lucy isn’t going as she can’t quite commit herself to saving up 1/2 of the costs. Mick is very busy with his new job – seeing parts of NQ nobody really wants to see. Let me know how we can get together next week,

  4. Lynne O'Brien says:

    How much weight have you lost? To keep motivated I suggest you do get weighed each week as that seems to help me with my motivation. It is great to see the scales going down. I would love ro see a lovely slim abd healty Amy again. I have now lost 4.5kg and I honestly don’t feel hungry anymore. Don’t forget to buy those fat blasters from Coles. Naturapatha brand in the health food section. I think they also help. Love MUm

  5. Pauline says:

    She is trying Lynne. She spent a good part of today in the kitchen preparing soups etc. for the week ahead. I must admit though I was taken aback when I found a perfectly useable bunch of shallots, their dark green tips missing, in the bin.

  6. amyo says:

    Again with the friggin shallots aka spring onions! Lets see you feel so superior the next time you are in the kitchen!

    Mum, I lost 2kgs in the first week but I think that was helped by the fact that I’d had a lovely korean lunch minutes before I bought my first pack of TF shakes.

    I’m enjoying the meals for dinner, but I have a hard time with the substitute sugars. It kind of leaves a fake aftertaste so I’m starting to think I’ll avoid the fakes all together. At least the jelly and chocolates are passable.


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