Michelle and AdamSpent the weekend up the coast attending Michelle’s wedding. She is my oldest friend and the first one to get married. I got quite emotional at the wedding when I wasn’t taking so many photos that a few of the people thought I was the offical photographer! I got a few nice ones as Michelle is photogenic but sadly I was a bit dissapointed with some of the zoomed in images. You can check them out for yourself in the gallery.

It was great to see her and Adam so happy and the priest they chose for the ceremony was spot on. He introduced himself by explaining that Adam was his travel agent. I was surprised to note that the Anglican church has modernised the “Our Father” prayer by changing thy to I and forgiving our sins instead of our trespasses. The only sour spot was that it was so bloody hot – even the priest was lifting up his robe so that his shorts and legs underneath got a bit of air.

After the reception Mum and I headed off to Raintrees at Moffat Beach to join Auntie Sue and Fiona for the night. I would have enjoyed the pool more if I’d brought my togs and the walk up the headland if I wasn’t so buggered but my mother is very convincing. Raintrees is quite nice and just a quick walk to the beach. I could’ve spent a lot longer there if I’d had time.

The next day we had lunch at the Palmwoods Pub to celebrate my mothers birthday. As a seasoned visitor mum picked the best meal which was incredibly succulant salt and pepper calamari. They’ve done up the pub with plasmas and is well worth making a detour off the Bruce Highway for lunch or dinner. The service was a bit slow but apparently they are getting a new chef to make sure that isn’t a habit.

Great weekend even if I spent the end of it napping. 🙂



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