I’m writing this now from cutiepie so hopefully my laptop woes are over *crosses fingers*. I picked up the new Hitachi 80GB laptop from Computer Alliance this afternoon and spent the rest of the evening putting it in. (I went with the 80GB in the end as it was going to take almost 3 months to get a 100GB or alternatively about $179 more to get it from Sydney). A mac powerbook has more screws than a rude joke about a prostitute so the majority of my time was spent with a screwdriver in my hand. I was surprised when I finally got it open how little dust there was inside and that a lot of the space is taken up by a heatsink. It’s such a relief to be back on OSX and the lovely keyboard that has every key where I expect it to be. Next job will be to install iphoto again so I can get all of Michelle’s wedding photos off the camera and up in to the photo gallery. Judging by the quick looks on the lcd screen I suspect I’m going to have quite a few good ones.



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  1. xeno says:

    It was a new Hitachi 80G hard drive not a laptop. Speaking of screws… did you know you left two of them with their rubber washers in the old hard drive? I had to remove them today when I put it inside another laptop to test it.


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