It’s amazing how much a room changes once the plasterboard is up – it gives you the feeling that there isn’t far to go even though there is still tonnes to do. I’m not sure what the step is next after this, but Shamus the builder has been making noises about the tiles so I’m guessing the bathroom will be the thing to focus on. Basically the bathroom is the reason why this whole thing is ocurring so it’s about time. 🙂

Here is the main rumpus room in all it’s plastered glory (the mdf will be a custom made window due to the brickwork that was there) – the big thing on the right is something Pauline bought but has rarely used. 🙂


This is the bathroom – shower where the chair is, toilet under the mdf windows:




1 thought on “Plastering the walls

  1. Kel says:

    Can’t see what the big thing is anyway. The plasterboard really helps shape it though huh. You’ll have to upload a video walkthrough once it’s all done. Or I could actually just come and visit and see what it’s like *grin*


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