Big progress made again today on the renovations, it’s amazing how much perspective you get when walls go up and doors are put in.

Day 7 – Perspective on where the renovation is actually ocurring


Day 7 – Wall next to garage


Day 7 – Front of house

IMG_3438.jpgDay 7 – The view from inside


When the room is complete you won’t see the back yard from this spot, there is a wall and staircase going in down the end near where the door is on the left. Today Shamus hopes to leave it in a lock up state and then he has two weeks off over Christmas. After all these years of planning it’s amazing how quick it’s going up and how simple Shamus makes it look.



1 thought on “Starting to look like a room

  1. Kel says:

    Someone needs to mow!!! *grin*

    But other than that looking good, how exciting!


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