Continuing the ongoing theme of creating a new years resolution list, here are my list of things to complete in 2008.

  1. Cook from a Bill Granger book once a week (if I’m home) – and blog it as proof
  2. Have a weekend by myself solo
  3. Go Camping with Mat and Kelly
  4. Buy a dishwasher
  5. Go to Sydney
  6. Be more environmentally friendly and reduce my power usage
  7. Do my tax on time
  8. Lessen my addiction to consumerism (not sure how I’ll measure this)
  9. One day a fortnight without tv or internet
  10. Read my mail at least once a week

Some of that seems easy but believe me, these are things I struggle with and will be a test – especially the mail one!



5 thoughts on “Things to complete in 2008

  1. cakesinaus says:

    Let me know if you manage to pull off the visit to Sydney. Would be nice to meet you (and Pauline) in person!

  2. Kel says:

    Hows the no tv or internet one going? HAHA. Man i’m slack, haven’t blogged in ages and need to get my own resolutions up there.

  3. Kel says:

    Oh, and laughing at the fact that you’ve created a list for this year. Makes the years not seem so pointless doesn’t it! Having aspirations and goals is awesome.

  4. amyo says:

    To Cakes, sure will, I have to thank you in person for getting me the second job!

    To Kelly, um, the tv thing I’d already forgotten about but since I still have four days left I think I can manage it – maybe sunday when I’m completely out of the house! 🙂

  5. Kel says:

    Oh thats soooo cheating. Using our family for your own selfish gains *grin*

    What time are you guys coming up? Want to go do some photography earlier and teach me stuff?


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