So after a few weeks break the builder is back with a vengance. This is how he left it, with the outside cladding all buttoned up:


He also had  started to frame up the bathroom, the entrance to the room being on the left:

IMG_3461.jpgAs of today, all the pipes have been put in for the washing machine and sink (the washing machine will be under the stairs:

IMG_3479.jpgThe shower has been set out:

IMG_3484.jpgThe wall where the stairs come down has been framed:

IMG_3469.jpgAnd the electricity cabling has started to be wired:

Tomorrow the stairs will be put in and the room will be in a lock up stage. I love coming home now to see what else has been added!



1 thought on “Renovations Resume

  1. Kel says:

    And the entire house will be powered by the battery next to the door *grin*


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