Nike Free 7.0 Samples

Brand: Nike
Model: Free 7.0
Style: Black and Silver
Bought: Nike factory outlet at Harbourtown on the Gold Coast- Maybe February 2007
Price: Maybe $80 AUD

Favourite feature: The flexible sole

Most wearable location: The gym

Other people say: “Yeah, they are really light”

What attracted me to the shoe: On my first visit to Nike at Harbourtown I managed to convince Pauline to buy a pair of Frees which she claimed were a really comfortable shoe. I was jealous that she got to wear shoes that almost felt like you were walking barefoot and justified the purchase because I was going to the gym and my Adidas Goodyears were hurting my feet. The half and half sort of makes them look like they don’t know if they are a boy or a girl but I do like that the silver makes me think of chainmail. When I look at this shoe I think medieval knights. These are samples so I’m guessing you won’t see them in many stores.

Why does the shirt match:
It’s black. duh.

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear: Really really really light and bendy with your feet. If these shoes slipped on they would be the ultimate potter around the house shoe. The build quality isn’t great but I think that is because they are samples. The shoelaces come undone pretty easily because they are slippery. They are designed for runners so I use them when I plan to do a fair bit of walking or at the gym. As a big hipped girl I’ve sort of phased them out of my day to day work wearings since petite shoes don’t look that good when you are packing a big butt. Everyone should own a pair of frees though, they revolutionise your shoe world.

Nike Free 7.0 Samples

Nike Free 7.0 Samples



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