Adidas Adicolor Tron

Brand: Adidas
Model: AdiColor
Style: Tron
Bought: Adidas Outlet Store at Harbourtown Gold Coast – February 2007
Price: $120 AUD

Favourite feature: It’s Tron!

Most wearable location: Gaming Arcade

Other people say: “I want a pair”

What attracted me to the shoe: In the 80s everyone wore velcro straps because they were the new technology so how perfect is that the classic 80s first ever cgi movie is celebrated with velcro straps.

Why does the shirt match: They are ray guns and it’s black.

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear: Noisy! I squeak when I walk down the hall. One shoe seems to be noisier than the other due to the plastic nature of the shoes. They have a good wow feature though. I sometimes feel a little childish when I wear them so they don’t get a look in on days when I want to be taken seriously.


Adidas Adicolor Tron

Adidas Adicolor Tron



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