Acupuncutre AP138 72

Brand: Acupuncture
Model: AP138
Style: Black and Maroon Ninja Eyes
Bought: Acupuncture store on Fa Yuen St in Mongkok (2nd visit to Hong Kong)
Price: $80 AUD

Favourite feature: The vibrant blue around the eyes of the face I call unveiled ninja.

Most wearable location: Chinatown, kung fu movie marathon, anywhere emos hang

Other people say: I like your shoes! (People are so repetitive. 🙂 )

What attracted me to the shoe: The attention to detail with the drawing and the fact that the lines are so sharp

Why does the shirt match: I know I’ve used the shirt before but it is my favourite. This matches because the shoes have eyes whereas the t-shirt doesn’t. Plus they are both red.

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear:  Pretty comfortable but maybe a little loose. I don’t really like that people think I’m wearing an Anarchy logo but I can deal. The leather is pretty soft which means that after only a couple of wears it looks well used.


Acupuncutre AP138 72

Acupuncutre AP138 72



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