I’m sort of lonely. You see, I have a group of friends I talk with daily or weekly, then some that are monthly and then others that once or twice a year. I like all of them, but some just fit in to my lifestyle a little better either for reasons so simple as I work with them or they just like to ring me. But I’m way more accessible than that. I have many ways that I reach out to friends and relatives but few use it or give back. I’m longing for that give back. I’m incredibly vocal in the online space but none of my non-tech savvy friends can hear me. I really want my non tech friends to participate in my life but they just aren’t here (even though I love my techy friends too). Facebook seems to be the only hope since they all use that, but I’m not a fan of being poked and ninja’d and bought a beer. I want to talk about their life and my life for gods sake, not play stupid games.

These are the ways I reach out to them all:

1. Twitter – I update this more often then the blog because I only have 140 characters to write and it’s more about meaningless things like what sneakers I’m wearing or what tv shows I watch. It should get even better once I can do it on the go with the iphone. Anyone interested can follow me or subscribe in rss

2. Google Reader Shared Items – I read my news feeds in google reader, anything that takes my fancy I click the share button and bang it appears on my shared web page or in my friends feeds if they use google reader. You can even subcribe to that using rss.

3. Flickr – I take photos sometimes and like to share them. You can even subscribe to that using rss.

4. Friendfeed – this takes all my web 2.0 social networking apps, like this blog, twitter, flickr and reader and makes it in to one big rss feed so that you don’t have to subscribe to all the others I’ve listed. Plus if I join any other social networking things it can just get added to it. Stalk me all over the internet why don’t you!

I love all this stuff  and I want my mum and my non IT friends to love all this stuff too so I can know more about their offline life. To all my offline friends who don’t read this – get an RSS feed reader and create me some RSS feeds of your own!! 

If a person yells in the social networking forest and they have no followers, will anyone hear it? 




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