Let it be said that I’m not just a one dimensional moody sad person. I like to go out as much as the next person and although I’m not a dancer, in the privacy of my own home, I might just be. Maybe. So, since the extroverts did attempt to listen to my last mix of suicide songs, I thought I’d try and give them something to be upbeat about. This is a choice selection of some of the songs that I use to amp myself up before going out. Sometimes it works so well that the destination is a let down compared to the fun I had getting ready to go out. Behold, the “Amps Me Up” playlist!




1 thought on “This ones for the extroverts

  1. Trump says:

    I love this Mixwit thing! Works better than other versions I’ve messed with.

    iphone. Sooooo posh!


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