Who else but channel 9 makes a World Cup Football Show without any soccer players. Lets even put on a cricketer like Shane Warne to talk about the game! Everybody’s an expert hey? Just to make it a truly Australian occasion we’ll include a well known scottish act like Simple Minds. I figure it was all just a junket so that new boss Eddie McGuire can take all his mates on a trip to Germany and claim it as a tax write off. Eddie couldn’t even say Hiddink properly.

I don’t have anything against the sports these guys are from, but stop kidding yourselves channel 9 and stop buying the rights to every sport. There are only 24 hours of programming time a day.



2 thoughts on “Another reason why channel 9 pisses me off

  1. Trump says:

    The bbc and itv in the UK have recruited a bunch of commentators (or common taters) who are completely incoherent. It’s easier to listen to the radio whilst watching the match with the tv on mute.


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