Australia overcame yet another poor referee performance in the World Cup to get through to the knockout stages. We can handle the Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Brazil and Croatia but it seems our most formidable opponent is the referee. How can you give a player 3 yellow cards in a match I ask you???

Kalac’s howler was horrible but did anyone see the despondant look on Schwarzer’s face? It made me wonder if hew as feeling for Kalac or whether he was sad that he wasn’t on the field. Emerton missing the game against Italy will be a huge loss as he is pivotal to Hiddink’s tactical changes. The guy plays well wherever he is positioned. Once again Lucas Neill played a great match and I quite enjoyed seeing him make runs down the middle of the field like a midfielder. It’s great that Harry scored a goal and it’s even greater that Viduka gets another chance to score in a World Cup in the next match. Here’s hoping we get to see Bresciano at his best as well.

I wore my Johnny Warren shirt proudly today around town and it was great to see other football fans in their green and gold too. Rebel Sports were doing a brisk trade with all the aussie merchandise walking out the door. It’s great to see the Socceroos finally getting the recognition they deserve in their own country.



3 thoughts on “Australia to face Italy

  1. Helen says:

    I have to agree Amy, the referee was woeful. He can’t count, he gives penalties against players who get smacked in the mouth and he apparently doesn’t know what a handball is either if it’s not an Aussie…having said all that, go the Aussies!! I’ll be up watching the Italy game 🙂

  2. Kel says:

    I understand why they call it football now based on the rugby tackle on Viduka that went uncalled.

  3. Gerry says:

    And that shocking missed call on the clearly obvious handball by the croation player in the second half. Anyone one could see that he punched the ball out and the replay proved it, but the ref never called it, what a fool.


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