Well it turns out the comments about the Socceroos biggest opponent being the referee sadly came true AGAIN in the match against Italy. I’m absolutely gutted and it has completely soured my feelings about football. A guy at work mentioned a few days ago about there being a conspiracy to get the big teams in to the final 8 and last night’s match did nothing to weaken his argument. Half the Italian team are in clubs that are being investigated for match fixing and I’m just wondering how much money they placed in the Ref’s pocket in the second half. They probably slipped it in during one of their “falls”.

I should be writing about the great overtime goal that Viduka scored to get Australia through to a match against the Ukraine, but instead I have replay the horrific dive that the appropriately named Grosso took to cheat us out of real ending. I would have no problems if Italy had played us off the park but to go out in the final seconds without even a chance for a reply is just blatenly unfair.

The worst thing above it all is Australian television is harping on about all the diving. If Fifa and Football Australia wanted to get an entire country to start supporting soccer at home then Italy and the Referee have made the job that much harder. Who can call it the beautfiul game after that decision?




6 thoughts on “Grave Injustice

  1. Kel says:

    Even through all the crap that has taken place on the corporate side of the game, the Australians have made me extremely proud of them. No one gave them a chance, and we have proved them wrong. I think the country should hold our heads high, cheer the boys on when they get home (perhaps send a billion letters with a certain person possibly meeting them in two months) and count down until the next cup.

  2. Kate says:

    I agree with you Amy, being a newbee to watching soccer I didn’t understand why the ref would call that a penalty when there was clearly no foul or intent to that reaching for the ball. What a horrible way for the aussie team to finish up such an amazing effort!! I’m sure they’re sharing your gutted feelings on a scale times ten! Give em a hug for us when you see em eh? Kate ;o)

  3. amyo says:

    For sure I’m pleased for the guys, but after seeing their performance against Italy, it pains me to think how far they actually might have gone if it wasn’t for the cheating italians. I’ve never been in a group of people and heard such weighted silence when Totti took the penalty. It was like every heartbreak the Australian Socceroos have suffered was poised on this moment and we were cheated from the glory. Why are Australian matches so chaotic at the end!!!!

    In Premier League Football in England players are allowed to appeal their cards after the game. I wouldn’t mind being able to appeal penalties as well – during the game. We have to wait anyway, why not have the fourth referee watch replays while all that is going on? Aaargh!!!

  4. Helen says:

    I agree with all the sentiments above. I’m a relative newbie (in comparison to Amy anyway) to watching soccer also, but blind freddy could’ve seen that it was a dive. Gutted is right!! I agree with Amy and think there’s a definite case for the fourth referee

  5. Gerry says:

    HE TOOK A DIVE!!! WHAT IDIOT WOULD TAKE THAT FOR A PENALTY!!! GOD I’M PISSED. We still did a really good effort, especially against a team like Italy. And I still think that we will continue being a tough new player on the world stage.


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