You have to be a dedicated soccer fan to get up at 6.00am on a sunday morning to watch our boys play and I know a fair few people who are willing to do that. I on the otherhand am just as interested in the result but will take use of my tivo recorder to start watching at a more reasonable hour. Thank god for timeshifting.

The match I’m referring to is the world cup qualifier, Australia vs Uruguay in Montevideo. The two countries have a rivallry that almost equals the English vs the Germans as it was Uruguay that destroyed our world cup chances last time in the same stadium. We lost 3-0 and some say that it was the Uruguayan crowd that made up the 12th player with their intimidation. At least this time the players have that experience of being there and with 4 more years of playing history under their belts they are bit better prepared mentally for the game. If we can just get one goal away that can be good enough for a win even if we lose as the return leg in Australia would be in our favour.

We now have a respected dutch coach Guus Hiddink dictating tactics and if he got us in to the world cup he would be a national hero. He is the guy that got the South Koreans in to the quarter finals of the last world cup and has also coached the Dutch team. It is suspected that Harry Kewell will be an impact player off the bench thanks to the disasterous season he has had with groin injuries and such. I’m looking forward to seeing Archie Thompson play as he is a man in form in the A league and has great technical skills that you don’t often see on an Australian player. I also think Tim Cahill will have a good effect on the match as that guy has an engine for a heart. Of course Viduka (who I think is the captain) is the big man up front and will hopefully score one of his rare Aussie goals.

I hope the guys win, score or get out of Uruguay alive, but whatever the result it isn’t over until the return match in Sydney. Good luck guys!



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  1. Kel says:

    Well I’m the dedicated idiot who got up at 6am and watched, and since I don’t know what time you’re going to be watching it, I won’t say anything.


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