So I’ve been in my new job for over two weeks now and I guess you are wondering how I’m going. It’s an odd thing because I’ve gone from something where I was in my comfort zone and felt quite confident knowing what I’m talking about to a role where I’m the newbie. At some moments during the day I feel like I’m in my element and then I’ll come across something as elemental as trying to navigate to a command I typed two enters ago and be rendered useless. It doesn’t help either when there is someone looking over your shoulder to assist as you stuff it up. Most of my inadequacies are related to moving the cursor around without using the arrow keys like in the Vi editor of 10 years ago. I’ve actually printed out a whole bunch of keyboard shortcuts and put them up next to my monitor for referral.

I also think that the fact that I don’t create html pages anymore has sparked a surge in interest in documentation which I haven’t always enjoyed before. Normally I’m impatient with installations but now I take it slow and steady and document it all. It started while working down the road and now is evolving into actual enthusiasm. Weird.



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