Well the sad news is…


I get a trip to Sydney to watch Australia vs Kuwait and the opportunity to have lunch with the Socceroos (depending on availability). You don’t know how excited I am that I won it and that it was more based on skill than luck! Who better to make an ad then someone who is totally sucked in by marketing?

The advert will start showing on SBS on Sunday and will appear during some of the matches. It will even have my name at the beginning. They are going to change the text from “Soccer Field” to “Football Field” and “19 Million” to ” 20 Million” which I totally understand. They even said they might interview me. They are going to show all the ads shortlisted on Monday on the website.

I don’t know if they’ll send out the full team, but if I get the chance to meet Viduka, Kewell or Cahill I will be stoked. But I’m a little concerned also because my record with meeting famous people is a little dodgy.



8 thoughts on “NAB ad update

  1. Kelly says:

    You forgot to mention the fact that there was 1600 entrants, Australia wide, and yours was the best. What a claim you can make!! But to anyone other than Amy, if you’ve seen the ad, you’ll know just how amazing it is.

    I say girls trip – Pauline, Mum and your “mummy i’m a tryhard” sister should come with you, and we’ll do our own thing while you socialise with the socceroos and get them to sign stuff saying you’re hot 🙂

  2. amyo says:

    Or we could use yours and mums powers of persuasion to get everyone in to the lunch. 😉

  3. amyo says:

    Oh and thanks to the world cup blog for alerting me to the competition’s existance. That blog has been invaluable in keeping up with the socceroos.

  4. Kel says:

    Powers of persuasion hey?? Like getting japanese tourists to point their bums at cameras? Or getting the hotel owner to give us the keys to her room and then give us lots of food for free (except we left money there).

    Yeah I could say we would have powers, but I doubt they would have the seating. I’m sure it would be a huge luncheon or something.

    How exciting for you though! I saw that when you go the the NAB site your name pops up now to congratulate you on the winner. Lucky cause you know, I didn’t believe you until then. I’m still sure you hacked into their site.

    (Just kidding – you know how cool I thought your ad was)

  5. dbee says:

    Absolutely fricken excellent! It’s very surreal but well deserved. Awesome ad, Amy. I’ll be watching SBS avidly now for your ad to appear, and must say..that I’m am as proud of your achievement as I am of the socceroos entry into the world cup 😉 AMY AMY AMY! OY OY OY!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me Miss Kelly, what about me?!! I’m sure I, as Pauline’s sister, contributed something to Amy’s brilliance in formulating such an advertisement and I should go to Melbourne too…..:)

  7. Kel says:

    Hrm, that sounds like another golden girl speaking. Of course you’re invited! You were part of the contributing voices behind Amy and Pauline’s joining, and if they weren’t together Amy would never be living in the house in Brisbane where she would get the opportunity to compete in such a competition, so therefore you’ve truly earned your invitation to Melbourne!


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