Quietly eating morning tea as a goodbye for a work member, I was shocked to be told that my name was on the National website as the winner. Sadly it’s a popup which means that firefox blocked it the first time, but wow! NAB also rang to ask if I was willing to do interviews if required, so you may see me quoted in the Courier Mail (and it will probably be something embarassing that I wished I’d never said). Here is the proof if you didn’t believe me about winning:




4 thoughts on “Yet another NAB ad post

  1. Tina not a geek, maybe a dag says:

    Hey Amy, congratulations you did a bloody fantastic job. I now believe you since I’ve just SEEN your ad on TV!!!!

  2. amyo says:

    This blog was brought to you by Amy O’Brien.

    How funny is it to hear the NAB voiceover guy say my name!!!!

  3. CamDS says:

    Saw your ad tonight in the World Cup highlights show!

    Just Awesome!

    Congratulations again.


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