Day 36 – Nha Trang to Saigon

5.15am wake up to catch a mini bus to the Mekong Delta at 6.30am which would take around 12-13 hours. Only problem was, when we got down to the lobby Hui told us that the bus wasn’t going to turn up until 8-9am. Bus driver wasn’t in Nha Trang yet or something. That raised all… Continue reading Day 36 – Nha Trang to Saigon

Day 27 – Bangkok to Hanoi

  So the trip to the airport was a groundhog day replica of yesterday although different hotel it was another old Volvo. This time my visa passed and I made it through passport control through to the shopping mall that is the Bangkok international airport. Ping banana drink for breakfast which was strawberries and banana… Continue reading Day 27 – Bangkok to Hanoi

Day 26 – Bangkok

4.15am I wake up after a fitful sleep of hourly checking the clock so I don’t sleep through the alarm. An uneventful checkout and a dark drive in an old boxy Volvo to the airport (free as part of the accommodation). Go to the kiosk to try using my barcode checkin to print my boarding… Continue reading Day 26 – Bangkok