Danielle, Pauline and I are considering doing a road trip to Sydney in late February sometime. We know we will be stopping in Byron Bay, Yamba and Terrigal and spending the night in Coffs Harbour on the way. Danielle wants to stay in the hinterland somewhere near Sydney on the way down for one night. We’ll probably spend 3 nights in Sydney and go back via the Blue Mountains and Tamworth.

Anyone got any suggestions for must see places to visit there or back? Are there any nice hinterland places on the way down from Brisbane (they have to be at least 4 hours away)? I’m sure someone who reads my blog has vast experiences of New South Wales and knows some good places to stay or see.

Speak up now all lurkers!



4 thoughts on “Wanderlust again

  1. Jules says:

    “Mt Warning” – located about 1/2 hour south of Murwullimbah is a great climb. It takes about 2 hours to climb – and it is well worth it.

    The views from the top are absolutely supurb, and you often meet interesting people up the top. I met this Kiwi and German guy that were camping right on the summit. They had a severe case of the munchies, so I gave them some food.

    Aim to start around 7:30, that way you can be back down for lunch. Brunswick Heads, Byron Bay etc is a short way away, and you can have lunch afterwards.

    The bottom part of the mountain is rainforest, and the vegetation changes as you ascend. I saw a couple of wallabies on the way up.

    Anyway – if you feel energetic and have the time – climb Mt Warning!!

  2. Amyo says:

    That sounds like a good idea. I’ve recently started doing bushwalks on the weekend and this would be an excellent walk to do.

    That’s cool that you get to camp on the summit!

  3. Jules says:

    Technically, you’re not exactly permitted to camp on the summit. There’s no water/showers etc. But still, if you feel like roughing it, and want to avoid the rangers then there’s nothing stopping you pitching a tent up top.

    There would be some sort of feng shui, cosmic energy type of effect that would be gotten by sleeping on the very summit, and cone of a volcano.

    A good place to practice astral projection!!!!

  4. Lucy-loo says:

    You know what would be so much better then going to stupid sydney……. BRINGING YOUR IPOD TO TOWNSVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I REALLY WANT TO SEE YOU AND THE IPOD!!!!!!!!!! So bring theipod and come to townsville….. Don’t forget your ipod!!!!

    (To all those that don’t know me very well it may sound like i love amys ipod more then her, thats just not true! She was the one that bought my baby, i mean, her ipod in the first place!)LOL! I love you amy:)


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