I’ve been thinking about upgrading my photo gallery software for a while now so that it is integrated in to the website better. I can’t decide on which way to do it, so I thought I’d let you guys vote. Just pick which number you prefer and note it in the comments. If you feel like saying why you chose the number go right ahead. Here are examples:

  1. Gallery2 – An upgrade to the version I already have running. Has made vast improvements to it’s templates and interface. Would be easy to migrate the photos and data I already have in my gallery. I would just use the default layout shown.

  2. The Douglas Bowman approach – This uses movabletype (the software I use to create this blog) and some plugins to create a photo gallery. I like it’s looks and it is nice web code. Putting pictures up would be similar to how I post blog entries so it won’t allow me to be lazy with my descriptions. It also has comments.

  3. Nicokaiser approach – He uses gallery2 but has hacked it so that it is very clean. His version doesn’t allow comments. Just pretend that the colours and banners are amyogeek like.

  4. Simpleviewer – This uses flash to make it look fancy but requires a lot of effort to set the photos up (it uses xml). I kind of like where this is going but it is awfully slow. It lets the photos speak for themselves.

So, write and you shall read!



3 thoughts on “Pondering what gallery software to use

  1. mib says:

    I think it has to be 1 or 2. After all if it is 3 how will you get responses to questions you asked in your discriptions? While if it is 4, well they are neat but I generally would give it a miss due to the overhead it has. Anyway that is my 2c worth.

  2. Kel says:

    Good 2c worth there too!!

    I agree have to agree with you. My preference is number 2, but only because I’m shallow and think it looks a tad better. Plus I think comments would be good – get to hear the story behind the picture.

  3. h0bbel says:

    As for #3, it’s not “hacked” as suche, he just has some Gallery 2 modules disabled. His Siriux theme is in fact provided with the Gallery 2 download. Just my 2c as a biased Gallery team member.


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