My birthday ended up being “The ultimate lazy day ever”.

We walked across the road and lazed on the sand and swam in the bay. Then we crossed back across the road and lazed and swam in the pool. Then we went upstairs and lazed on the couch for an hour. All that lazing (or the chocolate cake) gave us enough energy to walk down the esplanade. We walked for a couple of hours, only stopping to have a beer at the pub since the people in the beer garden made it look so good.

Shelly Bay Resort

Shelly Bay Resort pool

Hervey Bay

Got back to the apartment, lazed on the couch again, then walked the esplanade in the other direction. Saw a beautiful sunset and lots of crab creations. Pauline hurt her feet since the girly girl isn’t used to bare feet (I’m a pretty sympathetic creature obviously). Went back to the apartment and lazed until it was time to go to sleep.


Crab houses

An excellent birthday I must say.

For more photos, check out the Flickr Set:

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5 thoughts on “Hervey Bay trip – Day 2 (18th September 2004)

  1. Stargate Fan Currently says:

    You didn’t mention the present opening first thing in the morning or that I went out and bought stuff so we could have poached eggs on toast for brekky.

  2. Amyo says:

    that would have shown that we did something ruining the whole lazy idea of the story!

  3. mib says:

    Just curious, why “Stargate Fan Currently” thinking of starting to dislike it? Anyway, I thought you were “girly girl”?

  4. Stargate Fan Currently says:

    It means at the mo I’m a stargate fan because that is almost all I watch. Not thinking of disliking it but my enthusiasm for it might dwindle when I’ve finished watching all the eps or if they do some stupid thing with one of the characters b4 then.
    Oh and the girly girl thing… I stopped going barefoot when I got sick of the pain of “I’ve kicked my toe again” as a kid. Since then its been thongs, much to Amy’s delight [NOT]. Come to think of it… even the thong surface was a bit rough on the earlier 5k+ walk which is probably why the dusk walk was so painful.
    The soles of my feet just weren’t up to walking 3 kms on rough bitumen paths. The smooth concrete paths were ok though.


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