Since the seven posts about the trip would test the endurance of any blog reader I thought I’d do a summary not only for them but to also add some little thoughts that didn’t quite fit in the feel of the stories.

Hong Kong at night

Ultimate Vista
The view from our hotel room in Marco Polo Hong Kong was incredible
Moment of Culture Shock
Getting fast food from Cafe De Coral
Worst Moment
When Pauline went to the toilet just before they announced our bus to the hotel was leaving
Best Moment
Sad to say it was seeing the Ben and Jerry ice cream shop
Newest Experience
Feeling droplets on my head, noticing a line of water along the street and realising that it’s all from the multitude of airconditioners above our heads from people’s apartments
Best Meal
California Club Pizza on the first night from the California Pizza Kitchen
Best Purchase
Tie between the Adidas Rio Gazelles and the DKNY Be Delicious perfume
Favourite thing about Hong Kong
Shops of the same product grouped together in the same street (i.e. flowers, goldfish, sneakers)
Biggest surprise about Hong Kong
It was more westernised than I expected and they almost seem to be better consumers than even America
Best transport
The MTR railway – quick and clean

Worst Transport

Downstairs on the Star Ferry – loud, smelly and no view
Biggest dissapointment
That I didn’t see as much of Hong Kong Island than I would have liked
Worst thing about Hong Kong
The heat and the smell (but thankfully both were escapable)



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