If I’ve seemed a little quiet lately it’s mainly because I’ve been on a two week road trip to Australia’s capital city Canberra. But since I’ve been back for a week the last few days of silence is because I lost my domain name to some dickhead poacher who seems to think that my domain name might be useful to him. Amyo.is-a-geek.net is a free domain name provided by dyndns and apparently they’ve changed the process so that if you don’t access your account within 35 days they delete the account. Since my account was created four years ago I obviously hadn’t kept my email details up to date and thus never got notified about the account deletions. My account got deleted and my domain was up for grabs so that dickhead could take it. Of course all this happens less than a month after I received my engraved ipod with the amyo.is-a-geek.net domain on it. You might be able to tell that I’m pissed off about the whole thing, but thankfully I used feedburner for my feeds so I can still communicate to my subscribers this way.

I’m now having to say goodbye to four years of accumulated traffic and goodwill on search engines like google and starting afresh at https://www.amyo.id.au. I know id.au isn’t something that is as memorable as a com.au or net.au but you need to be a business to buy those domains. The id part of the address stands for individual so I guess it’s pretty appropriate.

Please update all your old amyo.is-a-geek.net bookmarks to the new https://www.amyo.id.au




2 thoughts on “Amyo is a geek is no longer really a geek

  1. kelly says:

    Wow, you’re obviously pissed. Even changed the little slogan under your heading name 🙂


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