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Yes, amyo is a geek has suffered from neglect this year. Guilty! About a month ago I decided to do something with it again and was going to give it a facelift when I noticed that Six Apart were blogging about there upcoming version of Movable Type, the blog software I use. So in idle moments I’ve been playing around with the beta versions with the vague plan to upgrade it around the Brisbane Ekka Holiday. I was worried on Monday when they were still releasing release candidates but my good fortune arrived when they actually released the final version on the day I planned to upgrade!

A lot of backups later and some frantic last minute of learning of template tags you are now gazing at the newest version. I decided that since I’m not a web developer anymore I’ll go with the simpler option of using out of the box stuff but old habits die hard and I can’t resist a bit of tweaking to get it to the way I want it. It’s still not there yet but it’s a work in progress. The banner I hacked up in one night and the style is a default movable type that I’ve mushed up but no one ever looks at blogs anymore these days – it’s all about the rss feed isn’t it? I’ve decided to turn on authenticated commenting since I’ve had a fair bit of spam, but it’s all good because the new version supports openid (good news because you only have to set up your profile once and use it everywhere). Most of the changes you can’t see because it’s all at the back end. The new software looks pretty fancy and makes you want to blog. I’ve also finally got dynamic publishing working so it doesn’t take ages to update everytime I make a template change. It also saves space on the web server.

Well the aim is to blog a bit more now since I’ve gone to all this work, so expect to see some sort of revival. Linking to Digg was just me being lazy – it’s time to write my own content again!



2 thoughts on “Blog, exciting and new

  1. kelly says:

    Yay for new blogs….mine has undergone the change too since I’m a leecher of your blog, and it does really want to make you start writing again doesn’t it…

    I love the new interface btw, aka “dashboard”.

    Only problem is that in my typical “I don’t know what I’m doing” I’ve got to figure out how to modify the sidebar and stuff again, and I’m already confused. I think I might just give up and go and play with my digital camera heheh


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