Time does good and bad things for music. With distance a song that was loved at the time becomes a cringe worthy secret shame (think “Cat Among the Pigeons” by Bros) while a song you detested because everyone else liked it (Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”) becomes the classic it should have always been.
That is where I am right now with Heart.

In the 80s their big hair and old lady rock image turned me right off them – especially with their Stevie Nicks like fantasy type girly illusions. But thanks to dedicated music professionals my unconcious objection to them was whittled away piece by piece. First by the Grand Theft Auto game where “Barracuda” was a featured song on one of the radio stations.

Secondly by learning that Gilby Clarke from Guns and Roses toured with them for a while. Thirdly, by Guitar Hero making “Crazy on You” an incredibly hard song to for me to get 5 stars on in medium level.

And finally, by getting their greatest hits album and learning to love “These Dreams” without the distraction of big hair and smoke. Please note in this video that they actually do the star power move featured heavily in the guitar hero game.

What is cooler than two women rocking out?



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