I’m no slashdot or anything but I get enough traffic to generate some interesting web site statistics. But in these days of blogs not everyone accesses a website through a standard browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. I myself can’t face the day without bloglines, an rss newsreader that goes and gets the news from all my favourite blogs. The only bad thing about bloglines is that the websites I visit don’t know that I am looking at them because bloglines is the only thing that hits their site.

As a way around this a site was created that collates RSS statistics and displays them with pretty graphs to the owner of the blog. It’s called feedburner and it is completely free. Tonight I’ve switched all my feeds over to feedburner so if you have subscribed to one of my rss feeds you can change it to this:


But don’t worry, all the old ones will work for a while as I switched them using this tutorial. But if you normally get here using a browser, then you won’t notice any changes apart from a few images and a lovely little counter down on the bottom right. Currently it says I have 0 readers. WICKED!!!!



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