Since I’ve been sick all week and finally felt well enough to consider leaving the house, it was only fitting that I would leave to go see the Queensland Roar. Unfortunately by the time we got there it had started to spit rain which is great when you are in a drought, not so great when you are just getting over the green phlegmed coughing monster. I would pay for this outing later in the night when not even an overdose of drowsy cough medicine could put me to sleep without coughing a lung up. 

But rain meant that people stayed away and when people stay away that means less people to fight. The promoters were disappointed but all of us that turned up were happy to get up close and personal with our favourite players. Kelly and her boyfriend Mat came along as well and Kelly is a great person to take to these things. She has no fear so while she accosted the players for their autographs, I stood back and took photos with an occasional comment slung in.

Since I’m still rather tired from all that activity, I’ll let her blog about her experience and I’ll take the lazy way out and just put movies and pictures up. What I will say though is Matt McKay is a nice bloke, all the young players are very friendly (and a bit green to this autograph lark) while I found Craig Moore to be a bit of a disappointment. He was too busy talking to the other players to even give a glance to us while signing our t-shirts which I understand when you are new to a team – but hey, we’re here too! I have a bit of a soft spot for Massimo Murdocca, I told him that I missed him last year (he was out mostly with injuries). After we got all our signatures we headed for somewhere dry and passed Frank Farina on his way to the toilet. I thanked him for coming back to Brisbane and then left thoroughly satisfied by the day.

Here are some of the videos I took, the first is of a guy called Joseph who did some cool freestyle football moves

And the other is of all the players given their jerseys for this season (don’t bother with this if you aren’t interested in players getting a shirt and then walking off)

If you want to see the photos, just check out the gallery.



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