There is a fine art to making an order through the McDonalds drive-through. Hesitation, indecision and pronunciation can all affect what comes through the window at the end. It is good practise to thoroughly prepare your order before you get to the voice box because lets face it, the McDonalds menu is no surprise.

So armed with this knowledge Danielle and I went through the drive-through last night after soccer. I made the fatal mistake of not listening to Danielle when she told me what she wanted, so I ended up saying:

“Can I please have a medium cheesburger meal and a medium coke?”

and the magical talking box said:

“So that’s a medium cheesburger meal with a coke?”

and I said:

“No, a medium cheesburger meal and a medium coke”

magical box said:

“A medium cheesburger meal and an extra coke”

Obviously we had missed the word that was vital in indicating our needs to the magical box. It was here that Danielle added that she wanted a cheesburger too.

So I said:

“Can you add a cheesburger to that as well?”

a tired and exasparated magical talking box said:

“So thats a medium cheesburger meal, an extra medium coke and an extra cheesburger”.

“Yes thankyou”

So as we drove on and waited behind the other cars to get our order we laughed and said we should order things like:

  • a cheesburger, medium fries and medium coke
  • a sundae without fudge and some caramel fudge
  • a cheesburger without pickles and a side order of pickles
  • a coke without ice and a cup of ice

Hilarity ensued in the car so we collected our food and went and parked in the carpark as we didn’t want to go inside due to our soccer stinkiness and shin pads. Danielle started to drink her coke and complained it was not coke. She gave me a taste and it was definitely fizzy water. She got out of the car to complain so she could get it replaced. I yelled out the window that she should say that she wants some coke with her water!



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