I think it started when I accidently opened my umbrella indoors on Monday. Since then I have had no luck.

Exhibit 1

The 1GB of RAM I ordered for my Mac arrived on Monday. Installed and detected correctly by the powerbook but now OSX periodically freezes and when you reboot it beeps 3 times like an engaged phone. Reseating the RAM or removing it seems to fix the problem, so it looks like I’ve got faulty RAM. Now going to have to negotiate an exchange with the company who sold it to me.

Exhibit 2

Stood in something that looks disturbingly like dog poo after crossing the Victoria Bridge on Tuesday morning. Spent 30 mins cleaning my shoe when I got to work and sure I could smell it the rest of the day.

Exhibit 3

The computer parts I ordered 3 weeks ago for my sister’s boyfriend’s computer has all the parts ready except for the Antec Sonata case. We mistakenly paid for it promptly which now means that if we want to cancel the order for the case and buy it somewhere else we can’t because they don’t give refunds. I found a place that could get it for me in two days so why is it so hard for this company to get it??? Not impressed that they only give credit notes.

Exhibit 4

I sent a package to an ebay purchaser last Tuesday via Australia Post and it still hasn’t arrived 8 days later. How could they lose it when it was in a big purple box and weighed a tonne for god’s sake. I’ve had to log a job with the post office’s investigation squad (sounds like a new reality tv show). Not only that but the postman has taken to putting my mail on top of the mailbox instead of in it and it has been raining buckets every afternoon! I just have pulp by the time I get home.

Does anyone know how to break an umbrella voodoo?????



7 thoughts on “Bad luck doesn’t come in threes

  1. Kel says:

    Get the same umbrella, turn it upside down on the grass, and dance naked on it while singing a Ricky Martin song in the rain.

  2. mib says:

    Kel forgot to say, “make sure you get it photographed and post the images to the blog”. 😎

  3. Amyo says:

    Ok, I’ve done what Kelly suggested and put the images in the post for Kelly. I’m sure it will get there one day.

  4. mib says:

    That’s amazing did all that in 4 minutes. Woow! Question: were did you find the grass?

  5. Amyo says:

    It was the grass from your bag. LOL – just kidding! Actually no, it was at Roma St Parklands and I had a lot of space to do it on the large lawn. Although a strange man there offered me a sausage from his BBQ. I did have trouble remembering the words to Ricki’s song so I’m not sure if it worked.

  6. gerry says:

    hmmmm bit of a strange cure there. arent u just making it up for the fun of it. and dont blame the post its not their fault then again dad works for it so im stickin up for it. its happened to me too. we sent a package to my nana for her birthday on the 22nd of July last year and it arrived in december when we were down their. the excact same day we were their. so itll turn up eventually

  7. Madonna says:

    Gerry came home from school today telling me he logged in to your site and that I should get on and have a look. So I did, and I have just finished reading Melbourne Trip day 1 and day 2 -very funny! I had forgotten about Suey dropping the ice-cream in Lorne – had a nice chuckle when I read that. I was absolutey exhausted when I got back to Townsville. This was made even more exteme by taking the 6.00pm ferry to Magnetic Island to spend the night with a mob of rampaging, sex starved, school leavers, I was not even capable of talking when I arrived home on Wednesday morning! Not sure if I am up to anymore of these Golden Girl tours – I think I’ll save my next trip for New York in 2006 – but keep me informed, I could be tempted……….
    Great site! Don’t forget to let me know when Katie has the baby……………..


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