Michael has just shown me one of the coolest web link managers I’ve seen in a long time. It’s at del.icio.us and uses a similar method of tagging, rss feeds and honesty that flickr does.

What this means is you can set up your own account and start adding your weblinks to your page (no need to know html). When you add a link you can tag it, i.e (amyo.is-a-geek.net could be tagged with words like geek, gadget, dork and incredible genius).

These tags then appear down the right hand side so they are organised in to these groupings. If you click on something like geek, you can then see all your geek links plus go and see what other people have linked to with the tag geek. It’s cool also cause you can see how many other people have linked to that site.

You can bookmark your site as your home page (i.e. mine is http://del.icio.us/amyo) or you can use the rss feed to subscribe to it so that you get notified when it is updated. If you use bloglines it can keep you up to date with what your friends and family have been up to when web surfing.

If you ever get on the net and wonder what to look at, this might be a useful tool to help you go off on wierd and wonderful web surfing tangents. Lets hope the spam agents don’t discover it.



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