Pauline, Kelly and I went to the motor show last week and discovered it was a huge disappointment. Thankfully the free yellowglen champagne because it was ladies night at least refunded $6 of the $16 we wasted. Not a single concept car was in sight (if there was one it didn’t seem any different to normal cars) so the only good thing was that you didn’t have to tramp all along the moorooka magic mile to see all the different cars.

Our primary purpose was to find ipod enabled vehicles and discovered that the Audis, VWs, Subarus and BMWs were the best equipped – the Audi especially had an excellent sound system. Pauline was hot for the Alfa 159 station wagon while Kelly perved on the Hummers. I only got excited when I saw the Vespa GT-60 but was sadden to discover that they are all sold out in the world. I was even more upset when I realised I’d seen them online but had never considered that they would be sold here – especially annoying when he said that they originally were $11 000 but now go for about $20 000 on ebay. Thankfully they are releasing a GTV250 which is virtually the same except it’s not a limited edition. Maybe something for Pauline to upgrade to?

It’s a little sad that the only thing that floats my boat at a motor show is a scooter, so instead I’m going to make my own motor show here using cool motoring things I’ve seen recently:

1. The BMW Air Camper – I’m not sure if BMW realises that the kind of clientele who buys their $50 000 bottom of the range vehicles probably don’t go camping, but this is a really cool idea.

2. The Toyota FT-HS Rocket – A concept car that does 0-100 in 4 seconds and is a hybrid? Unbelievable. Not only that but the hard top slides back to become a convertable! If you look carefully you’ll see cup holders in the back seat. Good for passengers when you are flying around those sharp corners.

3. An ipod cradle – currently only one of a kind but damn Alpine – steal this idea!

4. The Honda Element SC – Yeah it’s kind of boxy and yeah it’s a dreaded urban assault vehicle but I reckon it could maybe fit a scooter in the back. Plus it’s got suicide doors. No plans for Australia yet as far as I can tell.



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  1. Kel says:

    You mean you weren’t even the least bit impressed by the scooter that folds up into the back of a car? Nevermind it only does 40km at 30km/h before it runs out of electricity (completely powered by electricity by the way – no fuel in site) but still a pretty nifty idea.


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