For the first time in my life, I have two processors on one pc. Right now one is 97% used copying and converting a tivo television show while the other is sitting pretty on 15% allowing me to blog and burn cds. I’d feel so productive if it wasn’t for the fact that I keep pressing the menu button on the remote which keeps opening front row so that I swoon. Front row isn’t anything new in terms of interface but it looks so good on the 20″ screen – especially when viewing pictures. Pauline keeps threatening to take it in to the bedroom and replacing the tv with it. If you added the EyetvEZ recorder, this would be the perfect entertainment system. It will even record the tv show, convert it and add to itunes ready for you to sync to the video ipod and watch on the train in to work.

The install for the new imac went like this.

1. Pull out of box
2. Plug in to wall
3. Power on
4. Connect powerbook to imac via firewire, boot powerbook holding down the “t” key
5. Tell it to copy everything and walk away for an hour and a half while it copies 40GB of data (avoiding the kitchen so as not to do the washing up)
6. Return, unplug powerbook, click yes a few times
7. Have a working imac running exactly the same applications with exactly the same settings with the files in exactly the same place as the powerbook (the powerbook was a g4 that was migrated seamlessly to the intel)
8. Go to blog and brag.

That’s why I love apple products – so easy.

There was some debate over the last mac I got as to what to call it, but I’ve already decided for this one. It’s a little bit risque so cover your eyes if you are sensitive. Introducing my new intel imac… Dildo. 🙂



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