In idle moments when I’m not playing Wii Tennis or Gears of War on the Xbox 360 my mind wanders to the day when I was in JB HiFi and there wasn’t anyone on the Playsation gameGame Guitar Hero 2. The song on screen was Wolfmother’s riffing track “Woman” and as I placed the strap over my head I had no idea what was to come. Sure all I was doing was pressing some red, green and yellow buttons and strumming a bar but in my imagination I was rocking as hard as I did when I was 15 to the Bangles death metal song “Eternal Flame” (kidding). I had so much fun it’s made me consider advertising on the work bulletin boards a weeklong swap with a ps2 owner who has the game just so I can play it again. Maybe I should just hire the console from the video store to get it out of my system.

This whole new console love thing has unexpectedly crept up on me I thought I was dead in that area after the xbox but it looks like the affair has started again. 🙂



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