In the tradition of hotornot, a website where you can rate whether someone is hot or oddly not, and threadless, a website where you rate images worthy of being made a t-shirt, comes the ultimate geek version of a rating website. Rate my network diagram is exactly what it says. Now that diagram you’ve slaved days over for your strategy branch or customer only to watch them toss it aside after a quick glance will get a wider audience from people who actually understand what you are on about. The home network diagrams are interesting in the fact that there are people out there with that kind of setup!

I have to say though that when I revisited hot or not in preparation for this entry I became oddly hypnotised by the site. He’s 5 points hot, she’s 3 points hot, wow 10 points! It ended up making this post take 30 minutes to write. I’m transfixed more by the bravery of these people to put their image up for judgement by people like me. 🙂



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