I’ve managed to catch both of the Matilda games thanks to my mythtv pc and tivo. 1.30am isn’t exactly prime time but at least they’re actually showing them.

They had a few chances in the Brazil game, but the players haven’t learnt since I saw them earlier in the year at the Australia cup. I’d have thought they’d have seen this blog and discovered what “tits” mean (i.e. tits over the ball means you won’t kick it over the goal). If they’d only known – they may have drawn against the Brazilians or maybe even won! The stand out player in that game to me was Rhian Davies in defense – she prevented some good chances. Cassandra Kell in goals wasn’t entirely convincing, I think our Doona could give her a run for her money.

The game against Greece was much better. Tough match against the home team, but the Greek women aren’t exactly world class womens soccer just yet. The most exciting player in the game was Lisa De Vanna. She looks dangerous everytime she gets the ball and even when she hasn’t got it. She runs so fast that she often mistakenly gets called offside – in fact they even disallowed her first olympic goal for offside even though it is EXTREMELY DEBATEABLE (i.e the linesman got it wrong). She’s only young so I’m sure she’ll get the offside thing sorted and once that happens she is going to be a record breaking Matilda. Sponsors and marketing people should be wooing her now.

The sbs soccer site has the tv schedules for the other games, make sure you watch them and support the most beautiful game.

Good luck against USA girls!!!!!!!



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