The tiles are nearly all in – except for the feature tiles in the shower and the grout. After some initial freak outs regarding colour and size, I’m happy with the results now after seeing the tiles go up the wall. I think they’ll pop properly when the down lights go in and there is windows in the room but my thoughts that I had it completely wrong have now virtually¬†dissipated. But final thoughts will be reserved for the when the feature wall is in place. Here are some photos, although the colours aren’t exactly right as they seem to almost look chocolate in some photos.

This is the sand/cement that was put in before the tiles:



These are the tiles from the top of the stairs (yes the white is mess, not part of the tile):

These are the tiles up the wall in the bathroom – the light grey on the left is where the feature wall will be:

Stay tuned for the most exciting bit (to me anyway) tomorrow is feature wall day!



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