Adidas Gazelles - I love Rio

Brand: Adidas
Model: Gazelles
Style: I love Rio
Bought: Mongkok in Hong Kong – Sneaker Street in October 2006
Price: $80 AUD

Favourite feature: The drawing of Christ the Redeemer on the tongue.

Most wearable location: Australian soccer matches

Other people say: “Wow, they’re bright!”

What attracted me to the shoe: At that point I was a total Adidas whore and absolutely loved the old school adihash logo. The idea of having shoes for a city were great and it helped that they were green and gold since it was just after the great performance of Australia in the World Cup. It didn’t matter that they were based on the Brazil World Cup uniform because Brazilians are the best at the beautiful game. I couldn’t leave the sneaker street without buying my own pair of sneakers.

Why does the shirt match: The shoes are obviously soccer influenced and since Australia is green and gold it’s only fair that they should match up.

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear: Light compared to most of my Nikes (except for the Free) but  when worn for extended period of time they make your feet sore due to the lack of sole padding.

Adidas Gazelles - I love Rio

Adidas Gazelles - I love Rio



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